How to monetize Instagram
Close Friends tips & tricks

With 20 years of experience in the entertainment business as well as app building, technology and social media spaces SoClose for Instagram Close Friends is the ultimate tool for creators, and celebrities to monetize Instagram Close Friends.  Whether you’re an athlete or digital creator looking to better connect with fans the solution is SoClose for your innercirle Instagram Close Friends.

Be it an actor or musicians who’s noticed that their greenring Instagram Close Friends get way higher engagement or just looking to build an elite Insatgram fan club inside IG now you can also  monetize the Instagram Close Friends list to your super fans using SoClose Instagram Close Friends monetization. SoCLose  provides the perfect tool and strategy to help accomplish your goals.  Instagram Close Friends posts will always get better engagement than your normal posts.

Built on state of the art technology with the busy schedules of entertainers, atheletes, Instagram influencers and digital creators in mind SoClose enhances the greenring Instagram Close Friends list with a tested strategy and technology platform that has proven success. Through years of premium celebrity app building the solution to monetize Instagram Close Friends rather than create new apps is clear and now available to a very select invite only list of celebrities and digital creators. In addition the team from SoClose’s innercirle Instagram Close Friends team has 20 years experiences working directly with celebrities in sports, music, fashion, comedy.

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