How to use Instagram Close Friends

How to use Instagram Close Friends
#1 Set Up Your Instagram Close Friends List

Only you can choose your list of close friends.  People can’t request to be put on the list or see if they’ve been removed or added.

From Profile Settings

Go to your profile on Instagram and tap the three-line icon in the top right corner.  From the drop-down menu select Close Friends.

The Close friends list will appear and provide you with recommended users to pick from to add to it.  The search field can also be used to find users to add to the list.  Just tap the green Add icon and that user will be moved to your Close Friends list.

#2 Send Instagram Stories to Your Close Friends List

To send a story to your list of close friends, first create a story by uploading an image or video.  At the bottom of the upload screen you should see an option to send your story to your close friends.  Or, after tapping the Send icon, you have another chance to send it to your Close Friends list which appears in the sharing options.  It is a green icon with a star in the center.

When you share a story with your close friends list, the highlighted circle around your profile picture turns green.  

#3 Use Close Friends for list Business

-Give Rewards to Your Top Followers

-Send Exclusive Content and Offers

-Team Up With Influencers

-Share Behind-the-Scenes Content with Connections

-Show Gratitude to Customers by Video