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Questions for Fans:

What is Instagram Close Friends?

Instagram Close Friends is a way for Influencers to create a private list on Instagram so that only certain followers can see content within the Instagram 24-hour story.  Followers on the Close Friends list will see a Green Circle and the label CLOSE FRIENDS whenever that Influencer posts private content.  Private content can be photos, video, swipes up links and more which will be seen exclusively by the Close Friends list.

What is SoClose?

SoClose is a platform that allows celebrities to monetize their Instagram Close Friends list and helps fans get closer to their favorite celebrities. Be it musicians, actors, fashion stars, athletes, or more. You as a fan will get access to your favorite celebrities’ Close Friends content on Instagram and in turn because of your love and support celebrities will be more motivated to share personal stories, and extra or exclusive content with you, their Close Friends.

I paid for a So Close influencer request to Close Friends, but have not been accepted on Instagram yet, what do I do?

It can take up to 3 days for influencers to approve new SoClose requests for Instagram Close Friends. You will receive an email from SoClose when you are confirmed. Please check your junk mail as well. Also note that sometimes Influencers do not post Green Circle Close Friends content every day, please be patient. If it has been more than 3 days since your order, and you have not received a confirmation email from SoClose please contact support through the contact form below. Please include your Instagram handle, the influencer handle and order number.

What does the charge show up as on bank statement?

All charges on your debit or credit card will come from SoClose Inc.  Please note when you first sign up there will be an authorization placed on your card for the initial subscription amount. If for any reason the Influencer is not able to add you, you will be refunded within 5 days.  Only once you are added will you be officially charged. Once added you will receive an email notification to confirm it.

What types of credit cards/ or debit cards are accepted?

All credit card and debit cards are accepted from around the world. Transactions are secure and processed via Stripe. Users in the United States can use Visa, MasterCard ,American, Express,  Discover JCB, Diners Club, China Union Pay credit and debit cards. Stripe also supports a range of additional payment methods, depending on the country of your Stripe account.

Is the online transaction secure?

Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can rest assured that your transaction and all information are safe and secure.

How do I change or received notification settings?

All notifications will be sent to you via email from If you can’t find our emails check your junk and make sure you search It is not possible to change the notification we only communicate by email. If you have further issues please contact the support form below.

How do I get charged?

Your card will first receive and authorization and then once you are added your card will be charged.

All subscriptions are monthly recurring and you will be charged every 30 days from the date you are added. You can cancel at any time to stop the recurring billing via your personal account page. Any existing subscriptions are not refundable, but once canceled you will no longer be billed for any future renewals nor have access to the Influencer’s Close Friends list.

How can I search for other Influencer accounts?

Simply type in the full name of the influencer of choice to the main SoClose web page If you do not see your influencer of choice they are either not available, or you spelled their handle incorrectly.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, every 30 days your subscription will renew on the anniversary of the day you were added to the Close Friends of you Influencer subscription.

Why do I see a pending charge on my account?

Pending means there is an authorization being held. No charge will take place until you are officially added to the Influencers Close Friends list. When you are added you will receive an email notification from

If you do not see this please check your junk mail. If you do receive a SoClose email confirming you’ve been added to Close Friends within 3 days of subscribing the authorization will be reversed and you will not be charged.

I want to end my subscription. How do I do that?

Simply Log into your account, find the subscription you’d like to cancel under “Your Subscriptions” and click cancel. You will be removed from the Close Friends list of that Influencer and your subscription will be immediately cancelled. Please note if you signed up for a subscription there are no refunds for the current 30 day term, but your subscription will not be renewed at the end of the 30 day term.

I was charged for a subscription, but do not have access to Close Friends for the Influencer I subscribed to, what do I do?

You will not be charged until you have been added to the Close Friends list of your Influencer subscription. If you were, don’t worry, we will notify the influencer of this error right away. Please content SoClose via the refund form below.

What happens if the celebrity / Influencer changes their subscription price?

Whatever price you as the customer pay when you subscribe to a celebrity / Influencer is the price you will be charged each month. From time to time influencers and celebrities may do special flash sales for a higher or lower price that may involve special rewards, donations or timing, however whatever price you originally sign-up at will remain each month.

Questions for Influencers:

Who can see my account?

For the public fans or followers only those that subscribe to your account, have the link to your dashboard or have spelt your Instagram handle into the SoClose search tool view your public sales dashboard. Only you have authorized access to your private personal dashboard by way of password and your login.

How can I promote my account?

Please contact your SoClose representative for full details on best practices for promotion of your SoClose account.

Can I have more than one influencer account?

You can have more than one account on SoClose, but note you can only have one account per Instagram per social media handle. You cannot have multiple accounts under the same Instagram social media handle.

Are there any restrictions on post content?

Please review the terms and conditions of what content is  acceptable on Instagram. Instagram Terms and Conditions are here . In general profiles shall not have any content that; (i) infringes, misappropriates or violates a third party’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights or other intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy; (ii) violates, or encourages any conduct that would violate, any applicable law or regulation or would give rise to civil liability; (iii) is fraudulent, false, misleading, or deceptive;(iv) is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, or offensive; (v) promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment, or harm against any individual or group; (vi) is violent or threatening or promotes violence or actions that are threatening to any person or entity; or (vii) promotes illegal or harmful activities or substances.

In general you must abide by the terms and conditions of the social media platform you use in accordance with their rules and regulations regarding content restrictions and community guidelines for acceptable content.

How can I remove or edit something on my profile?

You must login to your Influencer profile and edit as needed. If you have additional issues contact your SoClose representative.

How can I restrict certain users or areas?

You will have the option to accept or reject various subscribers. It is at your sole discretion to approve or reject your subscriber list.

Can I give a free trial?

There are no free trials currently available on SoClose.

How can I prevent stolen content?

So Close is a secure encrypted platform using the best available technology to protect critical data from the threat of attacks.

What information is public?

The information you choose on your public dashboard will be publicly displayed which includes your profile image, a note to followers, your social media handle, and your subscription price.

I’m an Influencer and have not be approved to use your dashboard yet, what do I do?

Sorry we haven’t got back yet. Please keep in mind we get many requests daily and cannot approve every application for the platform. If you applied, we received your application and will be getting back to you once you’re approved. No further action is needed from you. Thank you for applying to SoClose.