SoClose is firmly focused on working with its global network to raise environmental awareness and has created a team to help curate content to accelerate fan awareness for lower carbon footprints, decreased use of plastic, and Styrofoam, climate change education, and other positive environmental content campaigns.

It’s our goal as a company to encourage our celebrity talent and fans to become our partners in the fight to create positive environmental changes.

SoClose as a company is committed to using our platform to stimulate positive change in our community and globally.

We encourage our talent to use their platform with SoClose to raise money for any charity of choice for which SoClose will match a portion of charitable donations.

SoClose believes that collaboration as a global community is the essential to making strides in the fight against climate change, poverty, and other key environmental social issues that plague our world.

It’s our duty as global citizens to join hands in the fight to move our global community in a positive direction.