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How does it work?

SoClose for Instagram Close Friends gives you access to your favorite celebrities greenring Close Friends content on Instagram 24-Hour Stories.

In turn your love and support will motivate them to share personal stories and special content with you first and privately their Instagram Close Friends.

In addition celebrities can choose to donate a portion of their subscription fees to a charity of choice.

Once you subscribe, SoClose for Instagram Close Friends will add your Instagram handle to the greenring Close Friends list of your favorite Influencer so you can start enjoying that content within 24 hours.

If you are a celebrity or digital creator looking to monetize your Instagram Close Friends, SoClose is the solution you have been looking for.

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Excellent  4.9 out of 5

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Love you'all!

For me, being able to show you my day to day life, with no filter, is a blessing. Love to feel you so close in my Close Friend List that for me is a motivation to keep moving. Love you'all. Best.

Snoop Dog

The best way to be connected!

Even though now social media seems
to be the best way to be connected
with you, something like So Close was
missing to make sure that we are able
to build strongest relationships with you. Thanks for all your support!

Alessandra Ambrosio

Like being my best friends

For me, this is all about creating a big family and sharing with you all the details of my life is something unique because I know you will understand everything as if we were friends in real life.

Paris Hilton
Singer, model and DJ